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"Our Task is to assist our clients in identifying and recruiting people we call the 'A Players', employees who make a difference. Whether it is developing the best oil and gas prospects or drilling the most economic wells, our only job is to locate and recruit the very best individuals in the international petroleum industry for our clients."

With a major or independent oil and gas company, the need for outstanding staff is at an all time high. As the "baby boomers" start to retire, companies will find a continuing demand for hydrocarbons, and a shortage of staff to lead the search efforts. Finding the right personnel for the right positions at the right time is a complex challenge requiring the best recruiters in the industry.

As SPE, AAPG and AAPL members, and through our worldwide network of consultants in the major oil and gas centers, we are able to address clients' needs quickly and in a very professional manor. Moreover, our focus is on achievement and results. We work in a communicative partnership with our clients, serving as an extension of client management.

"If we don't get the people thing right, we lose; it is the
most important thing in all our businesses."
-- Jack Welch

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